Law of Attraction – Attracting Business Motivation Step by Step

The Law of Attraction can be used for a number of things other than the obvious money that everyone wants to attract more of. If you work for a company and there is progress, you can apply the law of attraction to attract that progress to yourself. Here are the steps.

1. Do whatever it takes to get a promotion

As soon as you know about possible advancement, start focusing on doing whatever it takes to set yourself apart from the crowd. Take your work even more seriously and try to do it perfectly. Whatever you do, try to overstate the outcome if possible.

When you are working on a certain task in the company, tell yourself that your boss or main manager will be very pleased when they see the end result. This is a technique you should use to practice self-affirmation and the law of attraction.

Believe that everything you do is useful and meaningful for the company. With this self-affirmation and confidence, you will find yourself highly motivated to do well. You will feel the energy flowing through your body.

This is how you release your vibrations. These are the positive vibrations you are putting out and the Universe will receive your instructions and act accordingly.

2. Visualize the Gratitude of Your Leaders

As you visualize, imagine your superiors looking at your assignment and talking amongst themselves. Look at their smiling faces, they are relieved that they can fully trust an employee with the job.

Imagine your superiors telling themselves that they have no choice but to promote you because you produce work that is miles ahead of others in quality.

Visualize your name on what they wrote to confirm that you will receive the promotion.

3. Imagine you get a promotion that day

Imagine that every night before you go to bed, you go to the company with all your colleagues and they congratulate you on getting a promotion and you have to buy them dinner.

Find yourself walking into your boss’s room and hearing them say how much they appreciate your hard work at the company. Listen to their voices as they tell you about the promotion and find yourself thanking them and shaking their hands.

4. Visualize Your Promotion Already

During the day, when you work, believe and act as if you have already achieved the promotion. See yourself working overtime and sitting at a new desk and talking to your staff who now report to you.

Imagine yourself with a new business card with your new title on it. Start focusing on the projects or work that the new job requires.

Remember that you should act as if you have already received a promotion. The Law of Attraction works fastest when you truly believe you have what you desire.

Using the steps above, you can practice regularly with faith and know without a doubt that the hype is all about you. Believe and do what it takes to manifest your desire and get promoted.

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