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Almost any work from home will involve working over the internet. If you’re looking for Christian work at home jobs and honest work without taking the chance of falling for one of the many scams you’ve heard about, read on. There is a way to search safely with methods to double check for legitimacy and integrity.

The World Wide Web is in its infancy, like the outlaw west of the old days. Laws are passed, but how will they be applied in a global environment? Conclusion: you should be careful when deciding to work from home.

Here are just a few of the legitimate types of businesses available online:

  • Medical transcription. This is growing rapidly because a large part of the population is aging.
  • Printing for lawyers’ offices.
  • Customer service desk.
  • Any advice if you are qualified to do so.
  • If you are a merchant and associated with a store that sells products on your expertise, make the help desk your own.
  • Write articles for webmasters.
  • Copywriting for newspapers and newsletters.
  • Order taker.
  • Researcher for insurance companies, lawyers, banks and more.

There are many more and they are all legitimate work from home jobs. The first thing I suggest you do is decide what you want to do, at least temporarily. Use this only as a starting point.

Here are the steps you can take to find all kinds of new opportunities, making sure the job you end up with is legitimate, honest, and Christian:

Step 1. Do optimized searches for items you think might interest you. Optimized tools on nails. Your search might look like this: “insurance company secretary job”. Citations filter through many trash bins like spam.

Step 2. The above should generate some ideas. Now fine-tune your search by placing a plus sign between the value terms of your search. Let’s say you find the auto insurance industry interesting. Your search will now look like this: “insurance company secretary job+car”.

Step 3. The above will yield many results. Now tune some more. Now you want laser focus on your search. The personal injury part of the insurance industry seems to be appealing to you now, you enter a new search: “insurance company secretary+auto+personal injury”. Again, more results. Searches narrow.

Step 4. You want to find an honest work from home job so you are doing a new search that will add the following; work at home+christian+forums: “insurance company secretary job+auto+personal injury+work at home+christian+forums”.

I have now given you the keys to the kingdom! You may have to try a few with slightly different keywords, but you’ll end up in forums where birds gather to share their experiences with home Christian work.

You can find a community of friendly people who work from home doing Christian work at home. They’ll tell you where the honest work is, what to look out for, and you’ll probably have a bunch of new ideas you never thought of!

Step 5. Learn the ways of the World Wide Web. The Internet is a vast ocean of Christian opportunity. It is available to those willing to take the time to learn its secrets.

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