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Not surprisingly, national statistics that have been out for a long time show that an increasing number of Americans across the country are filing for personal bankruptcy at an astronomical rate. Perhaps more interesting, however, is a recent national random sample conducted by a researcher of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases filed by American debtors during the two-month period of July and August 2010, which shows that this significant finding: Overall, just over 1 in 9 cases (11.3%) filed in American bankruptcy courts were filed by debtors without the use of an attorney. A study by University of Illinois Law School professor Robert Loveless, a national expert on personal credit and bankruptcy, found that in fact, the rate of non-attorney filings by debtors is higher (13.8%) than in Chapter 13 (13.8%). was in Chapter 7 (10.1%).

In summary, the cost of bankruptcy attorneys today is still on the rise as more debtors file for bankruptcy without an attorney to keep up with the payments. rather, they get a cheap fee in bankruptcy at a low cost to save.

This is certainly interesting information!

However, notice another detail here. While the specific numbers of 1 in 9 bankruptcy filings given here may seem impressive to many of us, in reality these statistics merely represent the current “national average” and may only scratch the surface in terms of the actual number. of files filing pro se. Lawless himself is quick to point out that, while obviously significant, the number probably won’t strike many experts and those in the know as particularly dramatic or unusual. That’s because, as Lawless himself points out, a long-established fact in bankruptcy is that the rate of people filing for bankruptcy in some US jurisdictions is actually as high as 30. % to 45%. Or more! As in large urban areas such as California, New York City, etc. In such districts, debtors file for bankruptcy without a trustee and save on bankruptcy fees by using a filer.


IMPORTANT: Note this, however: There is one key way in which this unlawful inquiry result is particularly noteworthy and most important to both debtors and bankruptcy attorneys. AND THIS IS IT: Clearly, this PROOF alone, showing that this large number of American bankruptcy filers, and such a significant proportion of them, actually file for bankruptcy without the use of an attorney immediately throws a huge wrench into one major issue. a key argument used by organized advocacy and lawyers historically to discourage and discourage American debtors from exploring low-cost non-attorney alternatives in bankruptcy filings. In fact, this demonstrated FACT immediately “puts the lie” to the historical core argument of bankruptcy attorneys.

A common claim and contention by lawyers is that doing what is actually FINANCIAL work related to a bankruptcy filing should remain the exclusive preserve of “lawyers” to be performed entirely and exclusively by them. another one. And a favorite argument often heard from them in making this claim is that they think the bankruptcy process is too “complicated” for anyone but the supposed technicians of the law. In short, they say, dealing with bankruptcy is an extraordinarily prohibitive business, too difficult for anyone but a “highly skilled and educated” lawyer, and if you even have any thoughts of bankruptcy, you’re in debt. You might want to reconsider, because they say there’s nothing stupider or more “risky” for you to do than to try! You just need to hire a “lawyer” to babysit you, of course, they say!

NOW THIS QUESTION: But now comes this latest reminder that has just been released! Now, if (according to lawyers) bankruptcy is supposedly so “complex” that it can only be handled by someone with special skills and training such as a “lawyer”, then how is it that such a large number and a large proportion of ” Do non-lawyer debtors (10, 20, or 30% or more, depending on which counties) actually do this on a daily basis? And do they do it as successfully as the lawyers themselves?

But with the rising costs of bankruptcy in America today, is there really such a thing as a low-cost bankruptcy lawyer? Get cheap bankruptcy attorney fees at low prices

“It is very interesting that the prosecuting rate for amended/withdrawn Chapter 13 cases is the same as the overall rate,” Professor Lawless said of the survey results. Adding, “This suggests that being a Chapter 13 proceeding is not meaningfully related to the dismissal or reversal of a case.” As a result, there are more debtors who file bankruptcy without an attorney because they are trying to save on bankruptcy fees with a filer.

FACT: In fact, the reason why the TRUTH ALWAYS precedes even this Illegal inquiry is that what the inquiry reveals is quite simple. According to many experts (lawyers, trustees, judges, etc.) who specialize in bankruptcy law and procedures, this latest report is actually the latest document confirming a long-standing fact and reality about bankruptcy filings. In fact, they say, the truth of the matter is that most personal bankruptcies have always been, and are, really routine and simple. According to experts, you never needed the services of an attorney to handle ordinary personal bankruptcies because they are generally very simple and very basic and mostly clerical.

Many experts who put forward such an opinion generally cite two main reasons for this claim: First, the vast majority of personal bankruptcy cases are so-called “no asset” or “minimum asset” cases – that is, cases in which debtors have literally nothing or have anything that creditors can claim or add, not even any money to pay a hefty attorney’s fee; second, the FACT that the bankruptcy process is actually a simple clerical matter (contrary to the layman’s common belief that it is a complicated procedure) that often involves filling out and filing simple routine forms. local bankruptcy court, such as completing and filing regular annual income tax returns. It is clear that American debtors prefer to get Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney Fees at low prices.


All in all, it crystallizes when you consider that at least 1 in 9 debtors filing for bankruptcy in America today (and more than that in some parts of the country) file without an attorney. Obviously, as a debtor considering filing for bankruptcy, you should NOT, as bankruptcy lawyers often say you do, always run to or use an “attorney” to do it for you. . And you don’t have to pay the exorbitant legal fees usually associated with having a lawyer involved in a business to file for bankruptcy. But rather, you have a real legal alternative and a choice that you can make a good choice to make – that is, for example, using specialized non-lawyer help from an authorized Debt Relief Agency or Bankruptcy Preparer. do your own bankruptcy.

These special paralegals by trade (at least the better ones) are usually well-trained and experienced paralegals who specialize in bankruptcy filing and procedures, but offer their services to debtors at a lower and more affordable cost. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more debtors today are using this option and filing bankruptcy without using an attorney because they are trying to get cheap bankruptcy attorney fees at low cost.


I would like to join the growing army of financially challenged bankruptcy filers in America today who have recently found that they can file bankruptcy without an attorney and are increasingly using authorized “no attorney” assistance. and services to handle bankruptcy filings at low, low, and affordable costs? Here are some tips on how to do it.

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